Grow Together


Lately I have been trying my hand at gardening. Well when I say gardening I mean herbs and flowers in pretty little pots. 

I love herbs and much to the majority’s disgust, I especially love coriander but can never seem to keep it alive! 

After numerous attempts I gave up on my coriander, pulled it out and planted a flower in its place.

It’s been a few weeks now and my flower is going strong, but this morning a noticed a very healthy looking shoot of coriander sprouting next to my flower. It got me thinking...

There are numerous plants that are recommended to be “neighboured” with other plants to help them grow stronger and healthier.

Plants seem to thrive better when they are along side others and if you do a little research, you will see that the recommended neighbours are rather unlikely pairs.

We as people are the same.

We need others along side us to help us grow. To help us become healthier and stronger people. God did not intend for us to ever stand alone.

God designed community and relationship. Often He places us along side an “unlikely neighbour.”

We’ve all heard that opposites attract. I think there is so much truth to that.

We need people who are different to us.

Think a little differently to us, have a different personality, different gifts.

This is how we grow, are challenged, inspired and sharpen one another. 

We aren’t called to be the same, we are called to be united.

Proverbs 27:17 says - “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

We literally can make each other more beautiful! We can make each other shine!

So determine to neighbour with others and don’t “remove” someone before they have a chance to shine, perhaps all they need is the right neighbour and a little time.

Build each other up, encourage one another. It’s what we are designed to do. 

So I’m leaving the coriander in the pot with the flower. Even though they don’t seem to naturally go together, they are definitely making each other stronger.

Be blessed,


Eyes of Faith

Eyes of Faith

Ever wonder why we can hear God speak direction and vision into our lives and then it takes us so long to see it come to pass?

Ever wonder why we seemingly go round and round the mountain a thousand times before we decide enough is enough?

The Israelites wandered lost in the wilderness for 40 years before they ever reached the promised land. 


Because of their unbelief. Because they couldn’t see past the moment and look into the future with eyes of faith. 
God waited until the unbelieving generation died out before He allowed His people to enter into His promised land.

Hear the good news for us today! We don’t have to wait that long! We can seperate ourselves from unbelief and enter into faith right now. 
Too often we put things unnecessarily back onto God. Justifying our prolonged seasons by saying “well it mustn’t be God’s timing yet.”
On the flip side, perhaps sometimes God is simply waiting for us.

My gosh, didn’t the Israelites get sick of eating the same old food? Weren’t they fed up with seeing the same old scenery?

God will always provide for His children in the wilderness. He sustains us and provides for us with just enough to “survive.”

I don’t want to "just survive" any more. I want to thrive! I no longer want to live in the “just enough.” 
I want to live out of the place of overflow.
God sustains us in the wilderness because He is faithful but when we live in His promises, He not only sustains us but He also blesses us!

So... The Jones family is stepping out of survival mode and stepping into thriving mode! 
Paul tells us to throw everything else aside and press on towards the goal. 
Often we perceive our hinderances to be things that are negative in our lives. This isn’t necessarily true. 
Sometimes our hinderances are in fact very special things.
The beauty of extended family and friends.
The comfort of owning a home and place of solitude. 
The assurance of knowing when that next pay check is arriving and that our loved ones will be fed well today!

God spoke to us in 2015 and told us to go to America, unfortunately we didn’t obey God in this. We opted for the “safe” route. We allowed unbelief to enter in and distract us from the promises of God. Essentially, we went for another trek around the wilderness
Did we achieve good things for God in this time? Absolutely.
Did we face some heavy battles along the way? Absolutely.
Did God provide for us in this time?
Of course He did. 
But we were surviving, not thriving.

So now, we are entering into the promises of God.

We have sold our home and are selling our possessions. Saying bye for now to our family and friends. Leaving the comfort of familiarity, casting off unbelief and looking through eyes of faith to all that God has for us. 

I am convinced there are still battles to be fought in the promised land, but the blessings that are to be found there far outweigh the challenges.
Is America our promised land?
Was Canaan the promised land for the Israelites?
In theory yes. But the true place of promise is not about a location, it’s found in obedience. 
Our responsibility is to simply obey God, look through eyes of faith and allow God to take care of the rest. 

There is no longer a plan B for the Jones’, only plan A. We are pressing on towards the goal that has been set before us and we look forward to sharing our journey with you. 

We will be saying bye to Australia on the 2nd of May, if you would like to sow into the Jones family - Prophetic Fire Ministries- please click on the link below.

Prep for your promise...

Prep for your promise...

This morning I was reminded of something I had written exactly one year ago today. I think God knew I needed to be reminded again. May you be blessed too.

A number of years ago God gave me a promise; that if I would build His house, He would build mine. So often we come under the misconception that a promise from God is something to simply claim and then sit back and wait for. Trust me I know, I've done it too many times. Lately, however, God has been speaking to me about the PROCESS of a PROMISE.

Victorious In Your Brokenness

Victorious In Your Brokenness

As an evangelist/pastor I often minister out of a place of victory. Even when I share my story with others, I will always focus on the great things God has done rather than the painful process I have gone through to experience His greatness.

Dirty dishes and paper Christmas trees

Dirty dishes and paper Christmas trees

So today the most amazing thing ever happened...I got a dishwasher!!

Well, actually I've had a dishwasher for almost one year now. But today I actually plugged it in!

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