Brad Triska's Story - Cancer

Some of you have known that last May I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. What some of you may not know is the fact that a prophet by the name of Daniel K Jones did the diagnosis before the doctor advised me. he also had a word of knowledge for me that said i would be healed. So the very next day I was scheduled for the Dr. visit to get the biopsy results that were diagnosed as having cancer. After the night before, I was not alarmed or concerned at all. So I went through the Proton Beam radiation therapy at the City of Hope and after 42 treatments and a lot of prayers and faith, I found out yesterday that my PSA test was a 1.3 from a previous 6.0. Thank you for your prayers and praise God for my healing. 

Esther's Story

I was called up for prayer and my back was mentioned amongst other things. I had hurt it by bending over doing weeding in the garden and then working with a sore back doing a physical job with people with disabilities. My back was better after the prayer but not 100 percent. I just kept believing for total healing and it is completely healed now.

Also you mentioned family and since the meeting my son in law got his first teaching job, my daughter in law  was advised her job had become permanent in the mining sector, my daughter got a permanent job after being casual for 7 years and that particular job is close to the primary where her son attends so he can now go to and from home with her each day and bike to school from there saving them paying for before and after school care for Elijah, My son got a new job in a laboratory which is daytime and much better than his job driving doctors around at night, These break throughs have just happened. 

I have five children who are all married and I continue to believe for miracles in their lives but God is certainly doing great things and may God bless your work.